Whether you’re in the mist of a crisis, or trying to prevent a problem, locksmiths can offer a wide array of services. Developing a relationship with a local company can help you make sure you’re always taken care of and getting the best, and fair, price. Here are the top ten reasons why you would need to hire a locksmith.

1 – Lost or stollen keys

We’ve all been here before. Maybe your purse was stollen or you dropped your keys while out on the town, but either way you’re without a vital piece of property. Having a trusted locksmith can easily make copies of existing keys you already have, or replace the locks of the missing keys. Instead of stressing out over who may have found your keys, re-locking is often the best solution for this problem.

2 – You’re moving into a new home

Even if you’re moving into a brand new home, your safety and security could still be compromised. People like contractors, plumbers, electricians, real estate agents and more could all have copies of the key to your house. While some keys now a days are digital, many still hand off a physical key, which are easy to copy anywhere. Installing new locks to your new home can be a very affordable way to prevent crime and maintain your safety and privacy.

3 – Broken Keys

Most keys are typically made out of brass, or a nickel-brass mixture. While the key is sturdy when it is first made, this type of metal is prone to rust, wear and tear, which will weaken the key over time. Keys can break because of a rusty lock, frozen door, or even too much force when turning the key. If your keys break in your lock, a locksmith will be able to remove the key and offer to make replacement keys. This can give you a much more affordable option than re-keying your whole house, or business.

4 – Moving into an apartment or rental home

Most apartments, and rental homes, do not re-key between tenants. This means that they only make copies of the existing keys to give to those moving in. Meaning that every tenant that occupied that premise before you could have access to your keys. With Houston break-in rates continuing to rise, protecting yourself with replacing a simple lock can be invaluable.

5 – Damaged locks

In the same way keys can weaken, locks can also loose their strength. This can result in locks feeling “sticky” or “stuck” and needing to use some force to open it. This can make your locks more vulnerable to picking, and your keys more apt to break in the lock. If you suspect your locks may be loosing their potential effectiveness, calling a locksmith to replace, and rekey, your locks before their fail is the best course of action.

6 – Installing single-key access

Some homes have multiple access points, or doors. You can have a front door, back door, garage door, basement door, sliding glass door… and the list goes on and on. In many cases, these doors will all have their own individual, and unique, lock. This can be incredibly annoying and frustrating to not have a single-key access to your home. Calling a locksmith to simplify your security systems is the easiest way to handle this. Then you would only have to have one key for every access point in your home. This can also eliminate the worry if you are not the original owner of the home to make sure no one has copies of any access point.

7 – Accidentally getting locked out of your home or business

This is one of the most common reasons to call a locksmith. You may have a wonderfully secure lock system and perfectly working keys, that are locked inside. Maybe you’ve thought about breaking a window, or trying to manually unlock the door yourself. These can end up being incredibly costly “solutions” that may not even work. The average broken window cost upwards of $1,800. Far more costly than a house call from your local locksmith. Locksmith are trained to get in using the most efficient, and cost-effective, methods.

8 – Outdated / Upgrading security

Houston home invasions have risen drastically in the past 10 years. Houston residents now face a 1/22 chance of being the victim of a property crime. This means that now is the best time to upgrade your home security system and the easiest, and most affordable, way to do this is upgrading your locks. Whether you simply add in a striking place, or a high-security lock like a Medco or Mul T Lock system, you can drastically decrease the likelihood of a successful home invasion. Click here to read more about how to protect yourself from one of the mot common break-in tactics; lock bumping.

9 – Forgotten combinations / codes

Whether you have forgotten the combination to an electronic code on your door, gun safe, or backyard shed, these can offer equal frustrations without many resources of how to fix the problem. A locksmith can help you gain entry and re-program the lock to something more memorable.

10 – Mobile lockouts

Another very common use of a local locksmith are mobile lockouts. These can happen frequently, especially with older model cars that don’t use automatic locks. No matter what kind of car you have, these can happen, and often does, at the worst times. Mobile locksmiths can also help with car keys breaking in the ignition, and replacing the keys on site. Instead of wasting money towing your car to the dealership, calling an auto locksmith can save you a lot of time and money.

No matter what your reason may be, having a local and reliable locksmith can come in handy in a plethora of situations. King Safe and Lock has been proudly serving the greater Houston area since 1972. All of our technicians are licensed and bonded, meaning we’re a company that you can trust. No matter when your emergency strikes, we offer our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Click here to learn more, or call us at 713-352-8260.

Break-ins statistics are rising.

On average, there are 1.6 million home invasions every year. That is the equivalent to a break in every 3 minutes! The scariest thing about that statistic is that two thirds of break-ins leave absolutely no trace of forced entry. So how exactly is this happening then? Maybe someone figured out your garage door code? Maybe you lost a house key? But most likely, this is happening because of a simple, yet frighteningly effective, method called “Lock Bumping.”

So, what exactly is lock bumping?

Well, it’s about as simple as it sounds. Most homes still use cylinder, or pin tumbler, locks. This means that a key with the correct groves is needed to open the lock, by balancing the pins at at certain height.

People can successfully break into these locks by buying a “lock bump” key, inserting into the lock, and “bumping” the lock with such force that the pins move, and the door unlocks. These usually cause little to no damage, and can open the lock within seconds. It’s because of the effective ease of this method that we are seeing it rise in commonality with burglaries.

Houston’s crime rate is growing.

Houston is ranked a 3 in the crime index, meaning that it’s only safer than 3% of all U.S. cities. If 100 is the safest, this means that Houston is labeled as a “high-crime” city.

Residents of Houston, Texas have a 1 in 22 chance of becoming a victim of a property crime.

This is significantly higher than the 1 in 42 average in all of Texas. So what exactly does this mean? It means that the proactive choice will always be better than the reactive one. With the average American burglary costing nearly $2000 to the victim in stollen goods and damage, you cannot afford to risk it.  With statistics this high, you have to take the necessary steps to protect yourself, and your home!

Now, these statistics aren’t meant to scare you, but to open your eyes to how you can prevent this from ever happening in the first place. So, what are your options here? We’ve broken it down to our top two High Security Lock and Deadbolt systems, and even included an honorable mention at the end for invasion protection. Below you’ll find the pros and cons of each option so that you can make the best choice for you. Protecting yourself, your loved ones, and your belongings is probably a lot more affordable than you think. But in all actuality, who can put a price tag on safety and peace of mind?

High security locks.

So out first option for a High Security Lock and Deadbolt is a Medeco Lock. These locks are bump and pick resident. As you can see, they have added a hardened steel insert to protect against drilling into the lock, and have a secondary locking system making lock bumping nearly impossible. Another important element to look at here is the way in which keys are copied. With a traditional lock, anyone borrowing a key can go and make a copy, but not with Medeco. Keys are unique and require a special key cutting device to precisely duplicate the groves and angles of each key. Medeco carries a Grade 1 certification, the highest available grade, and even has a variety of colors to choose from! You really cannot go wrong choosing Medeco.

Another big name in the High Security lock game is Mul-T-Lock. While Mul-T-Lock has a Grade 1 for high security locks, they scored a Grade 2 for High Security Deadbolt and Mul-T-Lock Cronus deadbolts. Making them come in second compared to Medeco. Mul-T-Lock’s are also pick and bump resistant and feature a key control system and a locking bolt reinforced with a hardened steel insert. Mul-T-Lock also uses high security keys, to ensure there aren’t illegal copies being made. A magnetic strip order card is necessary to have when trying to make a copy at an authorized dealer in order to copy a key. This higher level of security in regards to key copies make Mul-T-Lock the winner in key security.

As you can see, both systems are high security, bump and pick resistant locks. They offer harder restrictions on key copies, making it more difficult for a key to get into the wrong hands. Both have a variation on the standard pin tumbler lock, making them almost impossible to bump. 

So which choice is the best?

After going through all of the data, we choose Medeco as the overall winner. It not only carries Grade 1 certification for all locks, but also currently occupies over 60% of the market! While you really can’t go wrong with either one, Medeco gets our vote. 

There are other ways to protect yourself.

Now while this article was focusing on lock bumping, and how to prevent it, that isn’t the only way that burglaries happen. One third of break-ins leave noticeable, and often expensive, damage. Many times, this is because the means of entry was blunt force. Simply put? Someone has kicked down your door. 

And this is where the real problem with conventional locks come into place. Most common door locks have a balancing strike plate that is secured with only two tiny screws. Often, smaller than half an inch! This makes kicking down the door infinitely easier, as all they have to do is have enough force to knock two, half inch, screws out of the wall. This is where adding a heavy duty, high security, strike plate can be invaluable. 

The professional installation of a strike plate is crucial for securing the proper placement and fittings on your lock.

A locksmith can add it, which not only enforces the strike plate, but also the integrity of your your lock as well. This is because it extends the attachment screws three+ inches, and also adds an additional level of security as the strike plate itself extends into the door several inches. There are many different varieties of these, but when it comes to cost, effectiveness, and overall product – a Tuff Strike plate wins our award.

So if youre looking at protecting your home from a kick-in, High Security Strike Plates wins for the most economical and easiest solution.

So while no one wants to dwell on the negative, we cannot ignore the simple facts that break-ins are a real, and daily, concern. Your best bet for protection is always going to be proactive measures. We cannot turn back the clock. So instead, reach out to your local locksmith and review these simple and cost effective ways to give you the protection and peace of mind that your family deserves. 

Some people think that all locks are created equal. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are high-security locks that offer the best protection for your home. When you install these, rest assured that your homes are always safe and protected.

Below are some of the best locks for your home:


Some tools and videos will teach burglars and criminals how to easily pick a lock so they could gain access to your homes. You can improve home security when you switch to Mul-T-Lock.


Peace of Mind

Multi-T-Locks are made with strong materials that offer the best protection for your home. You’ll have complete peace of mind while sleeping or when away from home, knowing that your home is completely safe from burglars and criminals. With Multi-T-Lock, your home can resist drilling, prying, and picking. They can never get inside your home without your keys.

You Don’t Have to Worry About Key Duplicates

With traditional locks, anyone can make key duplicates. You don’t need to worry about this when you have a Multi-T-Lock for only authorized dealers can create duplicates. Also, no one can copy the key unless they present an official Key Order Card. The dealer refuses anyone who makes a copy of the key without this card.

You Have the Strongest Deadbolt

With regular locks, a criminal adept with using a credit card or screwdriver bypassing locks can easily break into your homes. With a Mul-T-Lock deadbolt, your home will always be protected from break-ins. Mul-T-Lock deadbolts have passed the toughest industry tests and are not easily defeated. Whether

No Need to Bring Several Keys

One option for Mul-T-Lock systems is to have just one key for all locks in your home. You can use one key for your doors, padlocks, drawers and cabinets. It’s so convenient, and you know everything is safe.

Designed to Ensure Maximum Security

Mul-T-Locks are designed differently compared to other locks. You probably noticed that regular keys stand vertically and have cuts that somewhat resemble valleys. A Mul-T-Lock key lies horizontally and doesn’t have traditional cuts, making breaking in and picking impossible to do. Also, a  Mul-T-Lock has unique circular dimples specific to that certain key and lock. This is why you can never duplicate a  Mul-T-Lock unless you can present the order card.


They have been manufacturing high-security locks for over 50 years. When it comes to home security, you can always rely on Medeco locks. They provide the best and the highest protection against burglaries.


Patented Key Control

Like Mult-T-Lock, purchasing Medeco locks protects against unauthorized copying of your home keys. Your home is safe and secure so long as you have the master key with you. Keys will never be duplicated unless they have proof that they are the owner.

Best Protection

High-security locks are built and designed to offer excellent protection. No one can ever drill or pick Medeco cylinders. Their cylinders have passed UL437 testing to measure how much they can resist physical attacks. It also passed about 40,000 cycle endurance tests as well as attack resistance tests. You have the highest security with Medeco locks.

Special Angled Key Cuts

With Medeco locks, no one can make unauthorized 3D printed copies of either the blanks or keys. Also, special access to Medeco-specific blanks is required before copying keys.

Tuff Strike

It’s a necessity for every home to have high-security locks. One of the best in the market is the affordable and highly effective Tuff Strike.

You Get Extra Protection

With the Two Post Strike Plate, you get solid protection against any break-ins. It reinforces the deadbolt within the door jamb. With the two heavy-duty posts, your home gets extra protection. It’s tough for anyone to break into your home easily.

You’ll Never Have to Worry about Burglars are Criminals

Tuff Strike locks are extremely durable and built to last. They don’t only provide the highest protection, but they may be the only locks you’ll need for your home.

Why You Always Need to Hire a Locksmith

Installing locks can be difficult and complicated, depending on the type of lock. While there are DIY videos to help you install them, we would always recommend that you hire a professional to ensure proper installation and avoid issues down the road.

Reasons why you need a locksmith for installation:


You may jeopardize safety by installing locks by yourself with the help of a DIY video or by hiring an unqualified person to do it for you. You may also damage the door when you make one single mistake. This is why it’s essential to hire a locksmith, for they know locks and keys like the back of their hands. If there is anyone who can help you with installation, it’s them. No one else.

Reliable and Experienced

When it comes to home security, it’s best to have a professional who isn’t only qualified but is experienced in installing locks. Locksmiths are highly adept at handling any security-related issues. They have the right equipment and tools needed to install locks properly. Most importantly, locksmiths only want maximum protection for your home.

Available 24/7

You want someone whom you can call any time of the day. Our locksmiths at King Safe and Lock are available at your most convenient time. Whether you need installation or get locked out from your home at the wee hours, we can assist.

Get in Touch With Us

Whether you need high-quality locks for your home or need a professional to help you with installation, don’t hesitate to give us a call. King Safe and Lock has been proudly serving the greater Houston area since 1972, and look forward to earning your business.

We are an authorized Mult-T-Lock and Medeco service center locksmiths in Houston. Our professional team is always ready to assist, 24/7. We take pride in our commitment to provide only top-notch services to all of our clients.

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It’s no secret that the world is changing. We are more aware than ever before of threats both large and small, from hacking to a break-in on our property. These risks are something that business owners need to take seriously in order to protect their investments and ensure they’re operating as efficiently as possible.

A commercial safe is the perfect solution for both small and large businesses alike because it offers more than just security. In fact, it can be the difference between having a successful business and being robbed blind. Read on for our guide to choosing the perfect commercial safe!

What is a Commercial Safe and Why do I Need One?

Commercial safes are really just a larger version of the standard home safe. Because most businesses have more to protect, they come in bigger sizes and offer extra security features. For example, while traditional safes usually require a four-digit code, commercial safes usually require at least a six-figure code as well as an additional lock that requires a key.

Commercial safes are effective for the following reasons:

They’re a deterrent

We all know that criminals are more likely to choose an easy target, so if they see that your business has invested in commercial-grade security, they’re going to look elsewhere. In addition, commercial safes come with physical and digital defenses, making thieves think twice before getting into your safe.

They’re a buffer against theft

Not every business is going to have on-site employees, and when you do have them, they’re not always the most trustworthy. This means that even if someone does manage to break in or gain unauthorized access in another way, there’s still a layer of protection between them and the things that matter most.

They contain backup options

Many commercial safes come with a method of recovering your combination in case of an emergency. In addition, some have digital backup options where users can access their codes from anywhere. Even better, some have both! You never know when something is going to happen, and having the ability to send out new codes remotely can save you a lot of heartache (and money) in the long run.

Tips for Choosing the Right Type of Safe for Your Business

There are many types of safes out there, and you’ll need to know which one is going to be most effective for your business. Here are some tips:

  • Know what type of business you have and how much cash is typically on hand
  • Determine your needs – for example, do you need to protect firearms or valuables from fires and floods
  • Look at the size of the safe – will it fit in the location where you want to put it
  • Consider a fireproof safe if you’re looking to protect paper documents that can’t be replaced
  • Think about whether or not an electronic lock would work best for your situation 
  • Determine if a combination lock is right for your needs or if biometric locks might suit better
  • Consider how much weight you need to store in your safe
  • Read reviews on various safes before making a purchase decision 

Our Top Picks

Here are some of our top picks when it comes to commercial safes:

Amsec Commercial Series

Amsec offers a range of safes perfect for businesses that need to keep their valuables safe from fire and water damage. They’re secured with 120-minute fire ratings and have thick walls that can withstand even a blast. Some notable models include the Amsec CSC1413 and Amsec CSC4520.

Perma-Vault Drop Box Series

You can keep your money safe and sound with the Perma-Vault depository safes. Place these near your cash register for easy access to all of that hard-earned dough while also limiting how much you have in front of you at one time. This is important if it’s just not practical to lug around a huge amount – especially when there are potential thieves out there looking for an opportunity! Some notable models include PRO35-12 and PRO35.

Perma-Vault Depository Safe Pro35 Closed

Original Security Commercial Series

Original security offers a range of sizes and configurations so you can find what best fits your business needs. These safes offer 90-minute fire protection and come with solid steel deadbolts and heavy-duty chrome-plated steel locking bolts that help deter theft. They also have glass relocking devices to ensure the door is locked in case of an attempted break-in. Some notable models include OFB1413 and OFB2513.

Final Thoughts

Criminals are always looking for the easiest target, but you’ll be able to deter them from trying when you step up your game with a commercial-grade safe. These come with multiple layers of security so that not only can thieves see they’re a hard target to break into, they won’t even know what’s inside!

In addition, many of these safes can store valuable information that can be accessed remotely if you ever need to change a combination or reset all the codes. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, so make sure you look at your budget and needs before deciding on the right safe for you!

Get in touch with King Safe and Lock today for all of your safe and lock needs. We are dedicated to providing you with all the information you need on your commercial safes so that you can make confident decisions in buying what’s right for your business!

Do you know that Americans own 46% of the total number of firearms in the world?  That is a lot of guns. And surely, they need safe and secure storage.

While you can store your firearms in a cupboard, that gives you no guarantee of safety.  What if they are stolen or damaged? How do you store them if you have toddlers at home?

To avoid this fuss, do the right thing. Get yourself a trusty and solid gun case.

To help you out, we have designed this guide so you may pick the best safe for your handguns, shotguns, and rifles.

Storing Your Gun Safe

The first thing to think about when selecting a gun safe is where will you keep it? Will your new safe fit inside the area you plan to designate to it?

Maybe you wish to place it in your basement, attic, or garage, which is all relatively spacious. So, you won’t run out of room. 

However, if you want to put the safe in your bedroom cupboard, you are better off buying a smaller size.

The correct way to go about solving this issue is to measure out the area before you go out shopping. This way you can be sure what kind of gun safes will be ideal for your space before you buy one. 

Size Of Your Gun Collection

Your gun collection may range anywhere from having only a couple of handguns to amassing a ton of firearms including rifles and shotguns. And if you plan to keep adding more. Then you better get a safe that can accommodate all your future purchases.

Because let’s face it, guns are not a small investment. And once you buy one, you are probably going to keep it around for a long time. So, why not keep them as safely as possible.

For a sizable collection, the BF6636 is a match made in heaven. It has a huge gun capacity and can preserve a total of 58 guns at any time.   

But if you only have a few prized possessions, then you can go for something smaller like the AMSEC TF5517 case which can store 11 guns in total. 

Fireproof Safes

If fire safety is a major concern for you, getting an ETL-verified gun safe is your best bet. 

The typical suburban house fires can last up to an hour at almost 1200 degrees. So, you need at least 60 minutes of protection before the blaze goes out. The AMSEC SF6030 gun safe can withstand high temperatures for up to 90 minutes to save your weapons from heat and smoke damage. 

But if you want to go a step further, the BF Series cases have you covered. The AMSEC BF Series original safes like the BF7240, are ETL-verified for 120 minutes of fire protection. That is twice the time you need.

Furthermore, the BF Series cases are made to last and can tolerate temperatures up to 1850 degrees!

Water And Moisture-Resistance

Fire protection is a mainstay for most gun safes. Though, sometimes it’s not enough. Especially if your city has high humidity. Or if you live in an area that faces frequent floods. 

In that case, water protection should be on top of your checklist for buying the perfect safe. Because you don’t want your expensive guns to rust away while they lie inside the locker. 

However, generally speaking, the better the fire rating on a safe, the better it will protect your guns from water. In this regard, any case from the heavy-duty AMSEC BF Series will be great for you. 

Safe Security

The thickness of a safe lets you gauge how much protection it can give your guns against theft. 

With its 1/2″ steel plate door, the AMSEC BF7250 gun safe provides you more than enough protection against any burglaries. The case also boasts a UL RSC certification for burglary protection, so you can rest assured your guns will be under ample protection.

Deciding The Brand

There are numerous brands of gun safes on the market. But only a few are really worth your time and investment. So, always choose the brand that offers you the best value for money.

AMSEC, for instance, has been in the business since the 1940s. Their gun safes are manufactured using the highest grade materials to ensure top-notch protection against fire damage and theft. And those aren’t mere claims. 

All the products sold by the company are certified by UL, Underwriters Laboratory, and ETL, Intertek’s Electrical Testing Lab, to promise you ultimate safety. 

UL is one of the most reputable organizations around that test safe security. While the ETL certification guarantees you fire protection. Both these certifications are a must-have for any brand you decide to buy from.  


Gun safes don’t come cheap. And the ones that do, are often not good quality. 

For your guns, you want to buy a safe that offers you the guarantee of a lifetime, no matter what the price. The AMSEC TF Series provide you original safes at economical rates, along with a lifetime warranty against fire and burglary.

But if you have an unlimited budget, then go for the premium AMSEC BF Series. With a UL Level 1 RSC Burglary Classification, these safes give you top-tier performance and security.

To Wrap it Up

These are just a few things you must be mindful of when choosing a gun safe.

But if we are honest, picking the right safe for your gun collection is not as straightforward as it seems. So, if you feel stuck in making a decision, that’s OK!

You can always ask for our help. At King Safe and Lock, our team is equipped with the right knowledge and expertise to help you get the best gun safe according to your requirements. And that doesn’t mean it will cost you an arm and a leg. We have a huge collection of safes for every budget.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at (713) 322-8758 for a consultation or email at kingsafeandlock@gmail.com and we would be happy to be of service. 

Gun Sales are Increasing

It is a known fact that the number of homes with firearms in them has risen significantly in recent years. While the need for people to protect themselves and their loved ones has gone up, so has the need for a secure and reliable way to store them. Safes for long gun storage are necessary to ensure your family’s safety, as well as comfortability and ease of access.  Therefore, a safe is not only important when storing valuables but also when storing your firearm collection.

The article will explain what to look for when buying your next safe, and also profile seven of our top AMSEC safes, and their features, so you can find the best one for you!

When looking for a safe, there are a number of things to keep in mind. You’ll want to look for something that is solid, strong, and built to last. Identifying a safe’s structural quality will help you determine the burglary rating, while looking at ETL certifications will help you choose the level of fire-protection you desire. Below are our top picks for housing your long guns.


This safe’s 1/2-inch solid steel plate door protects against burglary and fires, while its high gloss paint or textured options are perfect for those who want to hide in style.

Its ETL certification offers 120 minutes of protection against fire at 1850 degrees Fahrenheit, whilst it also provides authenticity with a UL-certified RSC burglary rating. Available in white color, this product is made in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty that ensures you can enjoy peace of mind (and safety!) for life without having to break your bank!


This gun safe is the world’s most unique and strong! It provides up to 3/8″ of steel protection behind an RSC burglary rating. The lifetime warranty will protect your investment for many years. If you need something even more secure, then this AMSEC fireproof gun safe is perfect for you with ETL-certified 120-minute fire protection as well as a high gloss or textured paint option!

This safe also happens to be the best-selling home safe in America, a secret we just couldn’t keep to ourselves. 


This lifetime warrantied safe is fire-tested to 1200°F and has an active locking bolt on three sides of the door. It includes a professional door organizer for storing guns, long guns, and accessories with universal spacers to make room for smaller handguns.

The electrical access hole can also double as a cutout for bolting down furnishings or mounting racks/rack sides if you’re into that kind of thing. And with its extra-thick steel body and solid 8-gauge steel doors, it’s not easy getting through this without hours of sawing.


If you’re looking for an economical option to protect your guns, the TF handgun safe by American Security is the way to go. With a 3/16″ steel plate door and filled with drywall, this gun safe protects against burglary attacks from thieves.

Don’t let fire damage destroy your valuables with up to 30 minutes of protection in this fire-resistant powder-coated steel cabinet that has drywall and U.L.-listed E lock with an illuminated keypad for reliable security any time of day or night! This product comes black textured paint finish and offers a lifetime warranty against theft and fire destruction means as long as you own it, it’s still covered even if something happens down the line.


If you’ve been looking for a secure place to store your guns- whether part of firearms education, self-defense, or as collector items- then look no further! The American Security SF Gun Safe is the perfect solution. Its steel doors are 1/4 inches thick and have an RSC burglary rating in just under 7 minutes on the drill (tested to UL standard TL 36).

It also has a 90-minute fire protection certification with 3 layers of drywall inside. There are many options, too: you can order this safe in gloss paint or textured paint and with a high gloss finish or textured surface. You also get a lifetime warranty against theft and fire when ordering an SF gun safe.


You can start the day knowing that your guns are protected from fire, burglary, and vandalism with this durable safe. The FV7240E5 offers 47 different gun holes for all of your needs, plus an electrical access hole and pre-drilled bolt holes to anchor it in place safely.

This model is also heat tested at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 minutes while interior temperatures remain under 350 degrees Fahrenheit thanks to a Heat Expanding Intumescent seal on the door, which helps block out smoke and water during a fire or other disaster. All AMSEC products come standard with warranty coverage against most unforeseen disasters.


The AMSEC SF6036 is a versatile, compact safe that offers a great compromise between size and storage space–ideal for those looking to protect just enough from burglars. In addition, the fire protection offered by these safes has been proven in stringent tests as well- over 75% of homes experience near total damage to the interior during fires.

We’re confident this will keep your guns safely hidden away! The safe also features a covered locking bolt hole pattern which will prevent someone outside of an authorized key holder from breaking in while eying valuable targets. For our paint colors, we offer customers high gloss or textured finishes of their choice.

Let King Safe and Lock Help

If you’re looking for a safe that can store long guns, AMSEC safes are the best choice. Their options are so vast that it’s easy to find the perfect safe for your wants, without compromising any of your needs. We carry a wide range of sizes and models from small to large, so there is  always something perfect for you. 

Our safe experts are always on hand with advice about protecting your firearms. King Safe and Lock has been in business for 50 years, and we promise to provide the highest level of education and care. Contact us today, or visit our Houston-area showroom with over 300 safes in stock!

As you start to look into buying a safe, you’re going to come across a lot of acronyms and ratings that might not mean anything to you. Things can start to get a tad confusing, so we’d like to break some of that down for you.

The key elements for home safes, office safes, and gun safes are fire protection, water protection, and burglary protection. We’re going to show you what to look for in each category.

With a keen understanding of what you’re trying to protect yourself against, you’ll be able to pursue the right safe.

Fire Rating

House fires can exceed temperatures of 1,000 degrees in a matter of minutes. So, your safe certainly needs to withstand these high heats, at a minimum.

The first thing you want to see is that the safe is ETL-verified. That means they’ve survived rigorous testing in a laboratory and can stand up to some pretty difficult elements.

You’ll also want to see that the safe has a heat test rating of 60 minutes or more and can withstand temperatures up to 1,200 degrees.

AMSEC safes dominate the market, and for good reason. AMSEC is short for American Security Products and they’re proudly made in the U.S.A. They have a full range of one-hour fire office safes that are intended to protect your important documents and heirlooms.

You’ll also find they often come with backlit electronic lock displays, so you can access your belongings, even in a blackout. These are important features to look for when researching home safes.



Fire and security are, of course, the primary reasons people buy home safes. They need to be secure, with the ability to withstand extreme conditions.

When examining a safe, start with the door. Look for electronic locks, bolting locks, and reinforced layers of steel.

Along with an ETL certificate, another good sign is a nod from Underwriters Laboratories. Here’s another example: safes from Original Safe & Vault, Inc. are proven to withstand attacks from sledgehammers, power saws, disc cutters, drills, and more.

As such, Underwriters Laboratories gave them a TL-30×6 label, which is quite an achievement. If you look at their 6422 TL-30×6 model, you’ll see impressive fire and security features.

First, it boasts a two-hour fire rating, withstanding temperatures as high as 1,850 degrees Fahrenheit. As for safety, all sides of the safe are protected by manganese plating and a cement/composite mixture that’s nearly impossible to penetrate.

When you inspect the door, you’ll notice it’s nearly seven inches thick with inch-and-a-half steel bolts on all sides of the door.

Locking Mechanism

Home safes typically come with four different lock options: biometric, electronic, mechanical, and key. Biometric and electronic locks require power. Typically, they’re battery-powered and they’re quite long-lasting.

Since batteries do, indeed, die, you’ll want to see some sort of backup option. Another prominent brand is Jewel Safes. Their JST-1600 model, for example, comes with an electronic keypad lock, external batteries, and two keypad lockout keys.


We’ve discussed fire and assaults; now, we need to discuss water. Different safes have different strengths. As we saw, some are fire-rated for an hour, some for two hours. That’s ideal for someone who lives in an area prone to wildfires.

Some come with a stamp of approval from Underwriters Laboratories so they can withstand criminal attacks. That’s ideal for someone who lives in an area with high crime.

But, what if you live in an area that’s prone to hurricanes? Then, you’ll want to move the magnifying glass to waterproofing ratings. With fire, safes are rated according to temperature. With water, safes are rated according to depth.

This is pretty straightforward. A safe that’s rated for 12 inches of water for 72 hours, for example, will protect your belongings for that amount of depth and time. If you live in an area prone to flooding, you’ll certainly want to keep your eye on that.

Guns vs. Documents vs. Jewelry

While it’s important to consider what you’re guarding against, it’s also important to consider what you’re protecting. Let’s talk guns vs. documents.

Although it might make sense to consolidate, you actually don’t want to store your guns and documents in the same safe. A safe that’s designed for important documents works well because it maintains low levels of moisture within the safe.

However, that’s the exact opposite of what you want in a gun safe. Gun safes don’t allow humidity to creep in because that will rust the gun.

Those that have expensive jewels to protect often opt for high-security safes. AMSEC, for example, has a high-security jewelry series. It’s called their AMVAULT series and it’s perfect for keeping those high-valued items safe.

You’ll note features like six-inch doors with three-inch defense barriers. There are key-changeable combination locks that are protected by drill-shattering hard plates and spring-loaded devices. The door frames are also drill-resistant, protecting the doors and the bolt chambers.

Best Tips for Buying a Safe

We won’t overwhelm you. So, we’ll stop there. As a foundation, these are the best tips for buying a safe. Whether it’s for your office, home, or even your jewelry store, these tips will help you hone in on the right product.

Armed with this information, we invite you to give us a call or stop by our Houston showroom.

Here at King Safe and Lock™, we have over 400 safes in stock. We guarantee we’ll have something to fit your budget and needs.

Don’t worry about transportation or installation, either. We’ll happily deliver and install your new high-security safe.

Whether you’re looking for something to slip into the closet, or install in the wall or floor, we’re here for you. Give us a call at (713) 465-0055 and we’ll get you protected.

With so many safes for sale out there, how do you know exactly which one to get? Safes come in all different shapes and sizes that can be completely customized based on the needs of the customer. So with all those different varieties, why is it so important to get one with a fire rating, and what exactly does a “fire rating” mean?

Fire Ratings Explained

We all know what a safe is. We either have one, or have at least stayed in a hotel with those small little jewelry safes hidden in the closet. There are safes designed to keep your guns, valuables, and even important documents safe and protected from burglars. But what is protecting your valuables from acts of nature? In this case, we’re referring to how that safe can withstand in a fire. A fire rating, or classification, of a safe tells you what level of protection that safe will provide, if there happens to be a fire. They are also rated depending on the level of burglary protection. You will see these being referred to as either, “Construction Ratings,” or, “Test Performance Ratings.” Both test the safes ability to remain closed and secure in the event of a burglary or fire. If the safe remains secure, but the documents inside are fire-damaged, it would not receive high marks of both ratings. A construction rating is given based on how the safe is built, and what materials it was made from. A performance rating is given when it holds up as well as it says it should. In order for safes to receive either of these classifications, it would need to stand up to an independent test organization. Two of the top Independent Testing companies being UL, or United Laboratories, and Intertek-ETL.

When testing a safe to see how it would uphold in a fire, there are two different things to test; time and temperature. The average house fire will burn at approximately 1000 to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, which is an important number to keep in mind during these tests. For example, if a UL Class 350 1 hour rating were given to a safe, it would mean that that safe withstood temperatures of over 1700 degrees Fahrenheit for at least one hour, without the internal temperature of the safe going over 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Being that the average piece of paper won’t start to burn until 405 degrees Fahrenheit, this rating would give potential buyers the peace of mind that their documents, and valuables, inside a safe could withstand the test of time, and temperature, in a fire.

Fire Rating Recommendations

This is really an opinion question, with a lot of factors to keep in mind. Do you live in a house or an apartment? Is this safe going in your office on the first floor, or on the 20th? Are you storing guns, jewelry, important documents, or something entirely different? With all these factors affecting your choice, we highly recommend reaching out to your local safe dealer, to get their professional opinion. At Kings Safe & Lock, we’re always available by phone (713-543-8244), and email (KingSafeAndLock@gmail.com) to answer any questions you have. We have been proudly serving the greater Houston community since 1972, and would be more than happy to help you find the perfect safe for your needs. With that being said, Fire Industry Representatives say that the average house fire will burn about 20 minutes per room, while spreading to other areas, or dissipating due to lack of accelerant. With that information in mind, leading safe experts say that your safe should have a minimum of a 30 minute fire rating, with a recommendation of 60 minutes or more.

Our Expert Picks

With almost 50 years of experience, we know our safes inside and out. We feel a fire rating is a vital part of your safes security, and choose brands we are proud to represent. Three of our favorites being Jewel Security, Original Safe & Vault Inc, and AMSEC safes, which all have top quality fire rating options available. 

Jewelry Anti Burglary Safes For Sales

Jewel Security – We proudly offer Jewel safes with one, and two, hour fire rating at 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Original Safe and Vault Company

Original Safe & Vault Inc. – We have a vast array of different size, shapes, and capacity Original safes. These safes are fire rated for two whole hours at 1850 degrees Fahrenheit. Original safes also come with an intumescent seal to keep out water and smoke as well.

And our personal favorite,

AMSEC (American Security Gun Safes) – These offer a range of fire ratings. The top tier level of protection safes have a two hour fire rating at 1850 degrees Fahrenheit but also with additional security measures to keep the contents inside safe from smoke damage as well. AMSEC also offers safes with a fire rating of 30, 45, 60, 90 and 120 minutes, meaning the flexibility to get exactly what you want.

Protect Your Valuables

With all of the different safes out there, it’s easy to become overwhelmed, but just remember the importance of the fire rating. If your safe can keep out burglars, but crumbles beneath high heat, it’s only doing one job. Make sure you find the perfect safe that will protect you no matter what life throws at you, and remember to Contact Us so we can help make this process as easy as possible.


In the world of saving money and “DIYs,” sometimes it really can feel like we can do it all! Like we can figure out how to do anything, as long as we google It first. However, there are some things we really should leave to the professionals. That being said, here’s why you should always hire a professional to move your safe.

How Much Do Safes Really Weigh?

So how heavy can it *really* be? Well, good question. Safes can drastically range in size and weight. So while you may be able to pick up that 40-50 pounds hotel jewelry safe, large stand-alone gun safes are another story. Entry level safes can typical weigh between 200-600 pounds. High end safes can range from 1000-1600 pounds, and commercial safes can even push the 2000-5000 pound mark!

What Could Go Wrong?

So while it may seem obvious to let a professional move the big one, you may be thinking that you an easily handle the 200 pound one. Right? What could go wrong? Well, quite a lot actually. You could easily cause damage to the safe, or to the walls around it. If a safe isn’t properly set and anchored, it can even fall through the floor. The last thing you would want to have to deal with in your brand, new home is a giant hole in the floor. It could be dropped down the stairs, and cause damage on the way down. And what about you? A 200 pound safe could make a lot of damage if you were to be the thing to stop the fall. The average ankle sprain costs just shy of $1000 out of pocket, and that could just be the tip of the iceberg. On top of all of this, you may not even have a vehicle that can properly transport a safe.

You may also be under-estimating just how challenging it is to move a safe properly. Even just a couple hundred pound safe can be incredibly difficult and dangerous when factoring in stairs. Just up, or just down, one flight of stairs can be very tricky, and near impossible, without the proper training and equipment.

The financial burden of damage, or injury, will far surpass the cost to hire a professional safe mover. The rewards simply do not outweigh the risks. 

Who Can Help Me?

Kings Safe and Lock has been proudly serving Houston since 1972. That has given us almost 50 years of experience, which is invaluable when choosing a company for your move. All of our technicians are trained, bonded and insured, which gives you the peace of mind that your valuables will remain safe. Our technicians are also trained to be able to anchor your safe to its new location. This process will anchor your safe with 2000 pounds of bolt-down pressure, which means it is staying put.

At Kings Safe and Lock, we pride ourselves in the ability to move any safe, no matter the size or weight. We will work with you in coming up with the best plan to move your safe, no matter how complicated it may seem. Some of the most common requests that we receive are:

Covert nighttime deliveries: Sometimes the best way to protect your valuables is to make sure that no one sees you moving them. We can help make this happen.

Same-building relocations: Even if you just need to move your safe from one room to another, you should rely on professional help to protect both you and your safe.

Weekend deliveries: Sometimes you’re too busy during the week to deal with moving a safe. That’s why our safe moving services are available on weekends too.

Upstairs moves: No matter how narrow or curvy your stairs, we can safely move your safe up or down them.

These are just a few examples of the services we offer when it comes to moving your safe. Our technicians are trained to manage even the trickiest of stairs. We have all of the proper and necessary equipment to transport your safe to make sure nothing is damaged in transit. Even if you’re moving out of Houston, we can help! Give us a call at (713) 543-8244 where we can give you an out-of-town estimate. Whether you’re moving to, or away from, Houston, we can help make sure your safe is moved properly. We proudly move safes throughout the entire state of Texas.

Whether it’s moving across the hall, or across the state, moving is stressful. Let us take some of that stress away and help you move your safe properly. We offer complimentary and risk-free estimates, so give Kings Safe and Lock a call at (713) 543-8244, and let us come up with the best, and safest, way to get you moved!