Generally, safes stay in one place — but sometimes, you need to transport one. However, safes’ heavy weight makes them difficult to move. That’s why King Safe & Lock offers safe moving services in the Houston, TX, area. No matter the size or weight of your safe, we can move it for you.

What We Can Help With

From gun safes to high-security safes, we can move it all. We can also assist in a variety of moving situations, including the following:

  • Covert nighttime deliveries: Sometimes the best way to protect your valuables is to make sure that no one sees you moving them. We can help make this happen.
  • Same-building relocations: Even if you just need to move your safe from one room to another, you should rely on professional help to protect both you and your safe.
  • Weekend deliveries: Sometimes you’re too busy during the week to deal with moving a safe. That’s why our safe moving services are available on weekends too.
  • Upstairs moves: No matter how narrow or curvy your stairs, we can safely move your safe up or down them.
  • Out-of-town moves: If you’re moving a safe to or from Houston, TX, call us for an estimate. We can move safes throughout the entire state of Texas.

Wherever, whenever, and however you need your safe moved, you can count on us.

How We Can Help

We have all the equipment necessary to safely transport your safe. In addition, our trucks are equipped with the proper fixtures to secure your safe and protect it from damage during the move.

To schedule our safe moving services, call (713) 543-8244 or fill out our online form. We can provide you with a free estimate, and we will accommodate your busy life as we schedule a date and time for your move.