Secure Your Home and Business

How many people do you think really have your key? Most people have given their house key to a cleaning service, pest control service, house sitter, or babysitter.  At some point I’m sure that you have given your car keys to parking lot attendants, valets or mechanics. As a business owner how many employees have a key and what control do you have over those keys? Almost any house key or office key can be duplicated at any of the nation’s 60,000 hardware or big box stores for under $2.00.

There is another way in which your home’s or office’s locks may be insecure. The most popular is the practice of using a key cut in a generic shape along with sharp force to “bump” the pins in a lock into place for a split second is called lock bumping.  There are hundreds of websites explaining in detail with pictures on how to bump your lock.  Criminals now have more access than ever to new knowledge and techniques for their benefit. Lock bumping is an issue if your home or office key looks similar to one of the keys below.


Keys that can be bumped

Now that you know information about how easy it is for criminals to break into your home or office there is a better solution.  Do you want to have control over who can or can’t make a duplicate key? Read on…

Lock Brands We Proudly Carry

Key control is one of the biggest risks that businesses or property owners face. You cannot be sure who has keys or how many keys they have to your property without a key control system. Prevent unauthorized key duplication, unauthorized access to your property and employee theft with a patented key control system.

The best possible solution to control who has access to your house or business is to let King Safe and Lock’s local Houston locksmiths install Medeco Locks and Deadbolts or Mul-T-Lock locks and deadbolts. Bump proof, pick proof and drill proof, Medeco locks and deadbolts and Mul-T-Lock locks and deadbolts reduce the chances of unauthorized entry to your home or business.

Keeping you safe is our top priority. King Safe and Lock offers high security solutions for your residential and commercial spaces. With reliable 24-hour emergency mobile service, 7 days a week, our Houston locksmiths are highly trained and confident individuals with up-to-date technical knowledge of current trends and safety features to provide you with the best service for all your lock, safety and security needs.