Medeco High-Security Locks

Fortify your premises with Medeco, the forefront in advanced high-security locking systems, providing unmatched protection against picking, drilling, and brute force intrusions. Our expert installation and tailored security strategies offer more than just heightened safety; they bring tranquility of mind. Rely on King Safe & Lock to bolster your defense with Medeco.

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Why Choose Medeco Locks

Medeco locks are highly regarded for their exceptional security features, making them a top choice for individuals and organizations prioritizing safety.

Attack Resistance

Medeco locks are renowned for their ability to withstand bumping, picking, drilling, and other forced entry attacks. Their locks are designed to prevent the key from rotating until it is correctly positioned, elevating, and aligned, thus providing robust protection against these common forms of lock tampering.

Environmental Resistance

Medeco’s high-security padlocks are specifically designed to withstand the toughest attacks and environmental demands. This includes resistance to corrosive elements in tough environments, which is crucial for maintaining the lock’s integrity and functionality over time, even in high-abuse applications.

Patented Key Control

Medeco ensures strict control over key duplication. Their keys cannot be duplicated without explicit approval, often requiring an ID card for copying. This feature adds an extra layer of security by limiting key access to authorized individuals only.


Medeco locks cylinders have been tested to BHMA’s highest certification level and are UL 437 listed for physical strength and have passed a 40,000-cycle endurance test, demonstrating their ability to withstand repeated use over time.

Our Medeco Services

King Safe & Lock specalizes in providing comprehensive security solutions with Medeco high-security locks. Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring top-tier security and satisfaction.



We provide expert security assessments and personalized recommendations for your residential, commercial, or industrial property.



Our skilled locksmiths ensure precise and secure installation of Medeco locks, offering versatile solutions for various environments, from homes to businesses.


Key Duplication

As an authorized Medeco dealer, we offer secure and compliant key duplication services, maintaining strict adherence to Medeco’s patented key control systems.


Maintenance & Repair

We provide maintenance and prompt repair services to ensure your Medeco locks remain in optimal condition, preserving their integrity and functionality.

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