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Preventing a Home Invasion

Updated: January 20, 2017

Houston’s leading Locksmith and Security Expert, Fred Trotter with King Safe and Lock, comments on how to prevent Home Invasions like the one in Galveston County just south of Houston, Texas as seen on channel 2 news.  Police in Galveston County are looking for a gang of hold-up men they believe may have pulled off three home invasions in less than a week.  The latest attack happened Monday night at Ashley Simple’s home in the 1700 block of Wayside in Texas City.  Simple was alone in the house with four children. The oldest was 14 years old.  She said the robbers threatened to kill her and the kids as they ransacked the house looking for jewelry and cash.  Monday’s crime is one of three home invasion robberies that have happened in the same part of Galveston County in the last four days.  The same day Simple was robbed, there was a break-in in Galveston.  On Tuesday, an elderly woman was confronted by an armed robber in her home in Baycliff.  Police suspect the same gang of robbers is responsible for all three.  Anyone with information is asked to contact Texas City Police at 409-643-5834.  Houston’s leading Locksmith and Security expert, Fred Trotter with King Safe and Lock, recommends:  Install Medeco High Security Deadbolts on all your exterior doors.  The Medeco Deadbolt is the top level of the High Security and it is used by fortune 500 companies, Police departments, Treasury department and most locksmith shops and there’s a reason for that says Mr. Trotter.  This lock offers features which could have prevented the home invasion of Mrs. Simple’s house and others.  The locks features include a reinforced strike plate with 3 inch screws that reach well into the jam or frame of the door which would help prevent or delay kicking in of the door.  Its other features include restricted key duplication or key control, almost a 2 inch lock bolt with 1 inch inside the door and 1 inch outside and into the jam or frame of the house.  It is pick and bump key proof and drill resistant to most forms of attack available to the general public.  Home invasions are growing as the economy continues to slide.

Houston’s leading Locksmith and Security expert, Fred Trotter with King Safe and Lock, says you can’t afford not to install Medeco High Security Deadbolts because it’s a small price to pay for years of safety.  As proof he states with his 37 years experience he has only Medeco on both his home and his business.