You need to be able to get into your business during work hours — and keep potential burglars out when the building is empty. Locks help with both of these things — but what do you do if you lose the key or if the lock gets jammed?

You call King Safe & Lock in Houston, TX, to fix the problem for you. Whether you can’t get into your building or you can’t keep people out, our commercial locksmith services can remedy the situation.

What Can Go Wrong With Your Locks

A number of things can go wrong with locks beyond your keys getting lost or stolen. For example:

  • Your key may get stuck in the lock.
  • The lock might jam.
  • The lock may seize up, which makes it impossible for you to turn the key.
  • The door may not latch because it is out of alignment with the strike plate.

All of these issues will prevent you from locking and unlocking your door.

You may also experience issues that make locking or unlocking your door difficult but not impossible. Although you may just view these issues as a minor inconvenience, you should still have them checked out right away, as they can make locks easier for thieves to pick.

How We Can Help

Lock emergencies can happen at any time of day or night. That’s why we always have a commercial locksmith on hand who can come help you out of your fix. Each of our locksmiths is highly trained and knows what needs to be done to fix your lock. In addition, each of our locksmiths is respectful of your property.

If you need commercial locksmith services in the Houston, TX, area, call (713) 543-8244. We are available 24/7, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us as soon as you need us.