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Tips for Burglar-Proofing Your Home

Updated: February 23, 2021

In today’s world, people need to protect their homes better than they have before. There were over 200,000 incidents reported in Texas in 2009. Ask any Houston locksmith and they will tell you that the risk of burglary is always high in a large city.

There are steps you can take for keeping your home safe from intrusion, from choosing security measures that make your house hard to enter to discouraging potential intruders entirely.

Secure Windows and Doors

A high-security lock doesn’t ever need to be tested for a burglar to turn away – if a lock looks like it means business, it usually does. For your doors, choose a quality lock from a Houston locksmith. A double deadbolt is an excellent way to secure a door that is near to glass.

With several deadbolt options and no exposed screws, high-security locks are built to withstand anything a burglar chooses to throw at them, and designed to turn intruders away before they have the chance.


Most burglaries can be prevented before they even begin. A burglar looks for the easiest way into your home. Before they pick out your house, they check out your neighborhood, seeking the house that will present the least amount of risk.

Security lights eliminate dark spots near windows and doors, and motion-sensitive lights can offer the same peace of mind without creating light pollution. A well-lit home secured by quality locks makes a difficult target.

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