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Secure Your Home with Medeco

Updated: February 23, 2021

Have you wondered if Medeco and other high security locks are worth the money?  Go to Google and enter the search term “Bump Key”.

Did you see that??  Hundreds upon hundreds of sites offering videos on how to make your own bump key, how to use a bump key and even companies that will confidentially mail you a bump key for under five dollars.  This web content is available to millions of people and most of them searching for bump keys intend on using them – maybe even at your home or business.

Houston Safe and Lock recommends installing Medeco High Security Deadbolts and Locks for your home or business. Medeco is one of the elite, in a class of very few locks that absolutely cannot be picked or bumped. Houston Safe and Lock is one of very few Houston locksmiths that are authorized to install and service Medeco Locks and Deadbolts.

Still not convinced that the locks on your home or business may be inferior? Visit our Houston locksmith showroom at 10210 Westheimer Road and we’ll show you how easy it is to bump standard deadbolt lock.