Safes for Sale

Houston's largest selection of in-stock, ready-to-ship safes.

We offer an extensive range of safes for sale, from spacious gun vaults to compact jewelry safes. Our Houston showroom boasts the largest collection of residential and commercial safes, featuring over 300 in-stock models from renowned brands such as American Security.

Gun Safes

King Safe & Lock stocks only the best and most secure gun safes from AMSEC & Original. Our gun safes come with an intumescent seal, protecting your guns from smoke & fire damage for up to 2 hours. Prevent theft & misuse of your guns today. Call and ask about our in-store discounts, or how we can deliver and professionally install your new safe.

Commercial Safes

King Safe and Lock has a large selection of commercial safes for all your business needs. Whether you're in the market for a deposit safe or you want a high security, fire rated safe, we have the options you want. When using a safe to store your business assets, important documents or merchandise, everything inside must be secure. We can even deliver & install your new safe! Give us a call at 713-465-0055 or stop by our showroom today to get the best deals

Home / Office Safes

Employees at hotel and businesses need a convenient way to secure the business's earnings and valuables. King Safe and Lock has a variety of options including our selection of hotel and hospitality safes, one-hour fire office safes by AMSEC, one hour fire office safes by Jewel and two-hour fire safes by Jewel. With a variety of sizes and options, our safes are suited for most business and hotel safe needs. We can even deliver & install your new safe! Give us a call at 713-465-0055 or stop by our showroom today to get the best deals on home & office safes.

High-Security & Jewelry Safes

King Safe & Lock has a large selection of fire-rated high security safes from AMSEC & Original. Each safe is rigorously tested to withstand prying, drilling, chiseling, & tampering attacks in order to protect your documents & other valuable assets from theft. Call us or visit our showroom today & get the best deals on high security safes. We can even deliver & professionally install your safe to its new location.

Floor & Wall Safes + Accessories

A built-in floor safe or wall safe is an excellent choice to keep you valuables secure while protecting your safe's location.  Safes can also be spruced up a bit by adding safe drawers for your jewelry and an LED light to see better.  We also provide professional safe installation and delivery. Please call us at 713-465-0055 or visit our safe showroom today to get great deals on wall safes and floor safes!