SF6030E5 60 Minute Fire Safe

SF6030E5 60 Minute Fire Safe


  • 3/16″ solid steel plate door
  • ETL certified 60 minute fire protection
  • U.L. listed E-Lock with illuminated keypad
  • Black textured paint finish
  • Lifetime Warranty Against Theft and Fire


Weight 748 lbs
Inside Dimensions 54.5″H x 26.5″W x 19.875″D
Outside Dimensions 59″H x 30″W x 26″D
Clear Door 51.5″H x 22.5″W
Cubic Inches 28,704
Gun Capacity 15-15-30 +2
Steel Door Thickness 12 Gauge
Outer Wall Steel Thickness 12 ga.
Fill Type 3-ply Drywall
Fire Protection 60-minute
Customizeable No
Safe Type Gun Safe
USA-made or Foreign-made Foreign-made
Texture or High Gloss Textured
Hardware Colors Black Nickel 3-Spoke
Burglary Protection (Safe Rating) B-Rate

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