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Two Hour Fire Series By Jewel

These safes have been fire rated at 1850°F for 2 hours. Available with electronic keypad lock and two keypad lockout keys. Active and inactive bolts prevent the door from being removed and protect the safe from pry attacks. All models have precut central anchoring hole and hardware.

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JST-1000 Two Hour Fire Rated Office Safe

JST-1200 2HR Fire Rated Home Safe

JST-1400 Commercial Grade Office Safe

JST-1600 Commercial Grade Home Safe

JST-1700 2 Hour Fire Rated Home / Office Safe

JST-1750 Safe W/ Automatically Locking Doors

JST-610 Pry Attack Resistant Safe

JST-750 Safe W/ Locking Top Steel Drawer

JST-880 2 Hour Fire Rated Home / Office Safe