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Extra Precautions You Can Take to Secure Your Doors from Intrusion

Updated: February 23, 2021

In Houston and around the world, burglaries in Houston are an unfortunate fact of life. You can increase lighting at night and lock your windows, but no matter how illuminated your yard may be,any locksmith in Houston can tell you that your door may be the weakest link in your home security system.

Read below to find out how you can further secure your doors to protect your home against intrusion.

Hollow Comfort

Make sure your doors are as robust as the rest of your home security. Have a Houston locksmith evaluate your door, or just knock on it yourself. Hollow doors, in combination with poor or single locks, all but invite burglars that look for the easiest target.

Pick a door that is either solid wood or metal, as these are far more resistant to intrusion. Your Houston locksmith can give you further tips, such as placing three-inch nails or screws at even intervals all around the frame, which further strengthens your door against kicking.

Further Protection

Talk to your locksmith in Houston about a quality deadbolt with a throw of at least an inch. That means that the bolt itself should go into the doorframe an inch deep, and the more bolt you have, the better. And a double-sided deadbolt must be opened on both sides with a key, excellent for doors near to windows.

High-security locks have large and sturdy strike plates and are designed to withstand many kinds of attacks. Multiple locks offer an even greater benefit, because a burglar is looking to take the least amount of time to get in and get out.

Talk to your Houston locksmith and take the time to make sure a burglar will keep walking when they pass your house. King Safe & Lock is the only authorized Medeco dealer in the city, and our line of residential locks, fire safes, and gun safes can provide you the ultimate in home security. Visit our website to see how we can help to keep you safe.