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Criminals Target Vacant Homes for Rent or Sale

Updated: February 23, 2021

Houston locksmith works around the clock protecting Houston area residents from this crime explosion. If you have a chance to hug your local locksmith they need it! They are working thru the night, skipping lunch and missing their families. Leading Houston Texas security expert Fred Trotter with King Safe and Lock tells us that they are working around the clock to secure non rented, for sale and vacant properties from burglaries. These unprotected properties are usually low priority on the owner’s security list. With the economy in the tank the criminals are taking advantage of these unprotected easy targets, stripping these homes and commercial properties of fixtures and almost everything of value from the air condition unit’s right down to the carpet.

In one home inspected the burglars took things you would never think of like the hot water heater and toilet paper dispenser. Vacant rental properties are often ignored by the neighborhood residents because of loss of familiarity with the last tenants. Groups of contractor and repairmen entering the property daily, not to mention the multitude of realtors showing the property make it difficult to keep up with changes in vehicular traffic thus making vacant properties desirable to burglars. Contractor and realtors open windows and leave doors open in their haste to ventilate the musty and hot property making them easier yet. Fred Trotter recommends making your vacant property high on your priority list. You can purchase easy to install window locks with a unique tool to prevent non authorized opening. Make sure all your exterior doors are protected with police recommended double sided deadbolts. Mr. Trotter recommends Medeco High Security Deadbolts to prevent bumping, drilling or picking. Keep your electric power on during the showing process of your home, it will lease faster, your contractors and realtors will be thankful and that alone will allow you to use your alarm system as well. With your personal properties protected, you and your locksmith can relax and take time to enjoy life and family trouble free.