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3 Reasons to Own a Home Fire Safe

Updated: February 23, 2021

The danger of fire is a constant one, as fire departments responded to nearly 400,000 home fires in the United States in 2009, and 44,867 fires in Houston. While you do all you can to prevent a fire from ever happening, knowing that your most important documents and valuables are protected provides peace of mind.

If the unthinkable were to happen, you can rest assured that the contents of your home fire safe will remain intact.

1. Regular safes are not impervious to fire. In fact, the construction of a regular anti-burglary safe is not intended to protect valuables from fire, but from intrusion. Their metal construction can act like an oven in the event of a fire, all but cooking their contents.

Fire safes are designed to withstand the extremely high temperatures of a fire. Composite materials are used to shield the inner compartment, and many offer a gasket seal to prevent water from getting inside. Some fire safes are rated to withstand temperatures up to 1,800 degrees for four hours.

2. Hybrid safes solve two problems. A safe that is certified against both fire and burglary is capable not only of withstanding the effects of a house fire, but it also protects the contents against intrusive attacks. These kinds of fire safes use insulative material to keep internal temperatures below that of a fire in order to prevent melting or igniting of the contents, while the outer shell is often constructed with attack-resistant steel.

3. Concentrate on your most valuable possessions. In a fire, trying to save material items delays your safe exit and increases the risk that you may become trapped. When you know that your important papers and other belongings will be able to withstand the flames until help arrives, you can focus on getting your loved ones to safety.

Keep your important documents and possessions in a fire safe, and know that they’ll be protected. King Safe & Lock carries a wide selection of fire safes designed to defend your valuables from fire and burglary. Protect your property – contact us to learn more.